Below is an actor's list for the Hollywood Location Walk in Wilmington, North Carolina. This Actor List in Wilmington includes stars with film or TV credits for local productions (in alphabetical order by last name). Also, stars who have visited other stars here (listed as VISITED), or stars who call(ed) Wilmington home (listed as RESIDENT). Wilmington film credits are listed beside names.

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Patti LaBelle - Idlewild
Diane Ladd - 28 Days, Rambling Rose
James Lafferty - One Tree Hill
Stephen Lang - Manhunter
Hope Lange - Tune In Tomorrow
Jessica Lange - Crimes Of The Heart
Frank Langella - Lolita, The Water Is Wide
Anthony LaPaglia - Empire Records, Betsy’s Wedding, 29th Street, Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story, Black Magic
John Larroquette - Tune In Tomorrow
Queen Latifah - The Secret Life Of Bees
Piper Laurie - Dream A Little Dream, Hounddog, Matlock
Ed Lauter - Raw Deal
Linda Lavin - Stolen Memories: Secrets From The Rose Garden (RESIDENT)
Martin Lawrence - Black Knight
Brandon Bruce Lee - The Crow (His Final Movie)
Rachel Lefevre - Broken
John Leguizamo - Super Mario Brothers
Jennifer Jason Leigh - The Hudsucker Proxy
Jay Leno - Collision Course
Bethany Joy Lenz - One Tree Hill
Michael Lerner - The Road To Wellville, Radioland Murders, Amos & Andrew
Ray Liotta - Muppets From Space
Leon Lissek - Bloodmoon
Steve Little - East Bound & Down
Blake Livevly - Hick
Christopher Lloyd - Radioland Murders
Heather Locklear - Firestarter
Faizon Love - Idlewild
George Lucas - Radioland Murders (Writer, Producer)
David Lynch - Blue Velvet (Director)
David Lyons - Safe Haven


Andie MacDowell - Muppets From Space, Shadrach
Kyle MacLachlan - Blue Velvet
Shirley MacLaine - Bruno (Director/Actor)
Taj Mahal - Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored
John Mahoney - The Hudsucker Proxy
Howie Mandel - Little Monsters
Joe Mantegna - Weeds, Stateside
Julianna Margulies - Traveller
Sean Marquette - The Beautiful Ordinary
Wynton Marsalis - Tune In Tomorrow
Penny Marshall - Stateside
Mary Stuart Masterson - Radioland Murders
Tim Matheson - Twilight Man
Samantha Mathis - Super Mario Brothers
Danny McBride - East Bound And Down
Andrew McCarthy - Weekend At Bernie’s
Melissa McCarthy - Tammy
Rue McClanahan - A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story
Christopher McDonald - My Teacher’s Wife
Mary McDonnell - The Locket
Frances McDormand - The Butcher’s Wife
Darren McGavin - From The Hip, Raw Deal
Kelly McGillis - Morgan’s Ferry
John McGinley - Dirt Nap
Elizabeth McGovern - The Bedroom Window, Tune In Tomorrow
Michael McKean - Radioland Murders
Sir Ian McKellen - Windmills Of The Gods
Rue McLanahan - This World Then The Fireworks
William McNamara - Chasers, Dream A Little Dream, The Bleeding
Colm Meaney - The Road To Wellville
Meatloaf (Michael Lee Aday) - Black Dog, The Squeeze
Mark Mench - Ball Of Wax
Larry Miller - Radioland Murders
Byron Minns - Somebody's Child
Elizabeth Mitchell - Revolution
Mathew Modine - What The Deaf Man Heard
Dan Monahan - The Night Flier
Meredith Monroe - Dawson’s Creek, New Best Friend (RESIDENT)
Demi Moore - The Butcher’s Wife
Mandy Moore - A Walk To Remember
Mary Tyler Moore - Stolen Memories: Secrets From The Rose Garden
Chloe Grace Moretz - Hick
Michael Moriarty - Windmills Of The Gods
Pat Morita - Collision Course
David Morse - Hounddog
Viggo Mortensen - 28 Days
Frankie Muniz - What The Deaf Man Heard
Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill (RESIDENT)


Judd Nelson - From The Hip
John Neville - The Road To Wellville
Neville Brothers - Tune In Tomorrow
Paul Newman - The Hudsucker Proxy
Mojo Nixon - Super Mario Brothers
Nick Nolte - Everybody Wins, Weeds
Tom Noonan - Manhunter, Collision Course
Lee Norris - One Tree Hill


Jerry O’Connell - What The Deaf Man Heard
Nick Offerman - We're The Millers
Catherine O’Hare - Betsy’s Wedding
Sophie Okonedo - The Secret Life Of Bees, The Jackal
Gary Oldman - Track 29
Tatum O'Neal - Woman On Trial
Julia Ormond - Witches of East End
Zak Orth - Revolution, My Teacher's Wife
Ozzy Osbourne - Trick Or Treat
Frank Oz - The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland, Muppets From Space


Joanna Pacula - Virus
Jack Palance - The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics
Kip Pardue - Loggerheads
Jameson Parker - Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Mary-Louise Parker - Too Young The Hero
Paula Jai Parker - Idlewild
Sarah Jessica Parker - VISITED Matthew Broderick
Mandy Patinkin - The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland
Antwan Patton - Idlewild
Paula Patton - Idlewild
Will Patton - Everybody Wins, This World Then The Fireworks, The List
Gwyneth Paltrow - Iron Man 3
Bill Paxton - Traveller
Guy Pearce - Iron Man 3
Sydney Penny - Enchanted, Heart Of The Country (RESIDENT)
Elizabeth Perkins - From The Hip, 28 Days
Max Perlich - The Butcher’s Wife
Joe Pesci - Betsy’s Wedding
Bernadette Peters - What The Deaf Man Heard
William L. Petersen - Manhunter
Michelle Pfeiffer - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Anna Lise Phillips - Revolution
Teri Polo - Domestic Disturbance
Sidney Poitier - The Jackal
Richard Portnow - Tune In Tomorrow
Clifton Powell - Pure Shooter, Somebody's Child
Freddie Prinze, Jr. - Summer Catch, To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Robert Prosky - Loose Cannons


Molly C. Quinn - We're The Millers


Phylicia Rashad - Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored
Don Rayne - The Simpsons (Producer) (RESIDENT)
Vanessa Redgrave - The Locket
Keanu Reeves - Tune In Tomorrow
Burt Reynolds - Waterproof
Ving Rhames - Idlewild
Cameron Richardson - Twisted
Molly Ringwald - Betsy’s Wedding
John Ritter - Gramps, Holy Joe
Jason Robards - Dream A Little Dream
Tim Robbins - The Hudsucker Proxy
Emma Roberts - We're The Millers
Julia Roberts - Sleeping With The Enemy
Alex Rocco - Dream A Little Dream
Michael Rooker - Pure Shooter
Mickey Rooney - Strike The Tent
Isabella Rossellini - Blue Velvet
Richard “Shaft” Roundtree - Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored
Mickey Rourke - Year Of The Dragon, Fall Time
Theresa Russell - Track 29


William Sadler - Iron Man 3
Meredith Salenger - Dream A Little Dream, Dawson's Creek
Chris Sarandon - Loggerheads, Collision Course
Susan Sarandon - Tammy
Fred Savage - Little Monsters
Rob Schneider - Muppets From Space
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Raw Deal
Rick Shroder - Too Young The Hero
George C. Scott - Firestarter, The Exorcist III
John Henry Scott - Fall Time, The Road to Wellville (RESIDENT)
Connie Sellecca - Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Ray Sharkey - No Mercy
Ally Sheedy - Besty’s Wedding
Martin Sheen - Firestarter, Shadrach
Craig Sheffer - One Tree Hill, The Pavilion
Sam Shepard - Crimes Of The Heart
Jonathan Silverman - Weekend At Bernie’s
Gene Simmons - Trick Or Treat
Gary Sinise - Bruno
Tom Skerritt - What The Deaf Man Heard
Amy Smart - Broken
Anna Nichole Smith - The Hudsucker Proxy
Jaclyn Smith - Windmills Of The Gods
Lane Smith - Weeds
Maggie Smith - Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Yeardley Smith - Maximum Overdrive
Josef Sommer - Dracula's Widow
Sissy Spacek - Crimes Of The Heart, Marie: A True Story, Gimmee Shelter
Tracy Spiridakos - Revolution
Harry Dean Stanton - Dream A Little Dream
Mary Steenburgen - It Runs In The Family, The Butcher’s Wife
Daniel Stern - Little Monsters
Shadoe Stevens - Traxx
Martin Starr - A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
Ben Stiller - The Marc Pease Experience
Dean Stockwell - Blue Velvet, Twilight Man, Chasers
Jason Sudeikis - A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, We're The Millers
Donald Sutherland - Virus
Dominique Swain - New Best Friend, Lolita
Hillary Swank - Mary & Martha
Patrick Swayze - Black Dog
D. B. Sweeney - Dirt Nap


Jeffrey Tambor - Muppets From Space, Radioland Murders, My Teacher’s Wife
Antwon Tanner - One Tree Hill
Lili Taylor - Household Saints
Eric Thal - Oprah Winfrey Presents: The Wedding
Khloe Thomas - The Beautiful Ordinary
Marsha Thomason - Black Knight
Fred Dalton Thompson - Marie: A True Story
Reece Thompson - Bloodworth
Uma Thurman - VISITED Gary Oldman
Jennifer Tilly - Bruno
Nancy Travis - Loose Cannons
Randy Travis - Black Dog
John Travolta - Domestic Disturbance
Rachel True - New Best Friend
Stanley Tucci - Billy Bathgate
Jonathan Tucker - Stateside
Twiggy - Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Liv Tyler - Empire Records
Cicely Tyson - Idlewild


Tracy Ullman - Household Saints
Skeet Ulrich - Takedown


Jean-Claude van Damme - Cyborg
Vince Vaughn - Domestic Disturbance
Diane Vemora - The Jackal, Stateside
Ben Vereen - Idlewild
Cat Von D -


Robert Wagner - Windmills Of The Gods
Mark Wahlberg - Traveller
Sam Wanamaker - Raw Deal
David Warner - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret Of The Ooze
Fred Ward - Summer Catch
John Ward - Enchanted, Heart Of The Country, Matlock, Sleeping With The Enemy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, (RESIDENT)
Jack Warden - Everybody Wins
Jack Weber - What The Deaf Man Heard
Barbara Weetman - Provinces of Night
Dominic West - 28 Days
Shane West - A Walk To Remember
Michael Jai White - Somebody's Child
Lynn Whitfield - Oprah Winfrey Presents: The Wedding, Pure Shooter, Somebody's Child
Tom Wilkinson - Black Knight
Michelle Williams - Dawson’s Creek (RESIDENT)
Vanessa Williams - The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland
Bruce Willis - The Jackal, Billy Bathgate
Michael Wincott - The Crow
Paul Winfield - Stolen Memories: Secrets From The Rose Garden
Debra Winger - Everybody Wins
Henry Winkler - One Christmas
Elijah Wood - Day-O
Alfre Woodard - The Water Is Wide, Funny Valentines
Barbara Alyn Woods - One Tree Hill
James Woods - Cat’s Eye
Robin Wright (Penn) - Hounddog

X, Y & Z

Dwight Yoakam - Bloodworth
Billie Zane - This World Then The Fireworks, Morgan ’s Ferry
Renee Zellwegger - Empire Records


Paula Abdul 
- Black Knight
F. Murray Abraham 
- Muppets From Space
Danny Aiello 
- 29th Street
Alan Alda 
- Betsy’s Wedding
Joan Allen
- Manhunter
Daniella Alonso
 - Revolution, One Tree Hill, Black Knight
Jennifer Aniston 
- We're The Millers
Bruce Altman - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Kevin Anderson - Sleeping With The Enemy
Victor Argo - Household Saints
David Arquette - Muppets From Space, Fall Time
John Ashton - King Kong Lives
Dan Aykroyd 
- Tammy, Loose Cannons


Scott Bairstow - New Best Friend
Kathy Baker - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Alec Baldwin
 - Hick (RESIDENT)
Stephen Baldwin - Fall Time
William Baldwin - Virus
Drew Barrymore - Firestarter, Cat’s Eye
Kim Basinger
 - No Mercy (RESIDENT)
Kathy Bates - Tammy, Bruno
Emmanuelle Beart - Date With An Angel
Ned Beatty - Radioland Murders
James Van Der Beek - Dawson’s Creek, (RESIDENT)
Ed Begley, Jr. - Stateside
Lake Bell - Surface, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
Marshall Bell - Virus
Ned Bellamy - Dirt Nap
Brian BenBen - Radioland Murders
Andre “3000” Benjamin - Idlewild
Tom Berenger - Chasers, Takedown
Patrick Bergin - Sleeping With The Enemy, Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics
Corbin Bernsen - Radioland Murders
Halle Berry - Oprah Winfrey Presents: The Wedding
Michael Berryman - The Crow
Paul Bettany - Iron Man 3, The Secret Life Of Bees
Leslie Bibb - A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
Jessica Biel - Summer Catch
Joey Bishop - Betsy’s Wedding
Jack Black - The Jackal
Lucas Black - American Gothic
Brenda Blethyn - Mary And Martha
Claire Bloom - What The Deaf Man Heard
Emily Blunt - Arthur Newman
Brenda Blythyn - Mary & Martha

Juan Diego Botto - Good Behavior
Lara Flynn Boyle - The Road To Wellville, Terror On Highway 91
Matthew Broderick - The Road To Wellville
Richard Brooks - Terror On Highway 91
Roscoe Lee Brown - Morgan’s Ferry
Agnes Bruckner - Stateside
Sandra Bullock - The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, 28 Days
Billy Burke - Revolution
George Burns - Radioland Murders (His Final Movie)
Ellen Burstyn - Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Hilarie Burton - One Tree Hill, The Secret Life Of Bees, Bloodworth, Little Britain USA, The List, Dawson's Creek
Gary Busey - Silver Bullet, Chasers, Piranha 3DD
Sophia Bush - One Tree Hill (RESIDENT)
Steve Buscemi - 28 Days, Billy Bathgate, Domestic Disturbance, The Hudsucker Proxy
Ruth Buzzi - The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland


Nicholas Cage - Amos & Andrew
Michael Caine - Jouney 2: Mysterious Island
Bruce Campbell - The Hudsucker Proxy
Scott Michael Campbell - Radioland Murders
Frank Capra Jr. - (Producer) (RESIDENT)
Harry Carey Jr. - The Exorcist III
Art Carney - Firestarter
Keith Carradine - The Angel Doll
Tia Carrere - My Teacher’s Wife
Dana Carvey - The Road To Wellville
Bernie Casey - Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored
Seymour Cassel - This World Then The Fireworks
Shawn Cassidy - American Gothic (Director/Producer)
Dan Castellaneta - Super Mario Brothers
Phoebe Cates - Date With An Angle
Christopher Cazenove - Windmills Of The Gods
Richard Chamberlain - The Pavilion
Maury Chaykin - The Bedroom Window
Don Cheadle - Iron Man 3
Rae Dawn Chong - The Squeeze
Sam Claflin - Mary And Martha
Patricia Clarkson - Tune In Tomorrow
Brett Claywell - 20 Funerals, Stateside, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek
Rosemary Clooney - Radioland Murders
Randall “Tex” Cobb - Collision Course
William "Bill" Cobb - The Hudsucker Proxy
Ethan Coen - The Hudsucker Proxy (Director)
Joel Coen - The Hudsucker Proxy (Producer)
Gary Cole - American Gothic, Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics
Dabney Coleman - Amos & Andrew
Margaret Colin - Amos & Andrew, The Butcher’s Wife
Henry Collins - Morgan’s Ferry
Rachael Leigh Cook - Stateside
Frank Converse - Everybody Wins
Kevin Conway - Rambling Rose
Christopher Coppola - Dracula’s Widow
Barry Corbin - One Tree Hill, Bloodworth
Kevin Corrigan - The Exorcist III
Brian Cox - Manhunter
Ronny Cox - Loose Cannons
Peter Coyote - A Walk To Remember
Wendy Crewson - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Jon Cryer - Hiding Out
Keiran Culkin - It Runs In The Family, The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys
Rory Culkin - Hick
Jamie Lee Curtis - Virus
John Cusack - The Road To Wellville


James Badge Dale - Iron Man 3
Andrew Daly - East Bound And Down
Jeff Daniels - Marie: A True Story, The Butcher's Wife
Claire Danes - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Robert Davi - Raw Deal, Traxx
Angel David - The Crow
Rochelle Davis - The Crow
Dino De Laurentiis - (Producer) (RESIDENT)
Dom Deluise - Loose Cannons
Brian Dennehey - Summer Catch
Laura Dern - Blue Velvet, Rambling Rose, Bastard Out Of Carolina
Taye Diggs - New Best Friend
Tracie Dinwiddie - Ball Of Wax
Vincent D’Onofrio - Household Saints, The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys

Michjelle Dockery- Good Behavior
Shannen Doherty - A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story
Brad Dourif - Amos & Andrew, The Exorcist III, Terror On Highway 91, Blue Velvet
Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man 3
Hilary Duff - Bloodworth
Josh Duhamel - Safe Haven
Faye Dunaway - Bloodworth
Mark Duplass - Tammy
Charles Durning - The Hudscuker Proxy
Charles Dutton - Black Dog
Robert Duvall - Rambling Rose
George Dzundza - The Butcher’s Wife


Vince Edwards - The Fix
Nadine Ellis - Somebody's Child
Julie Entwisle - The Night Flier
Mike Erwin - Twisted
Giancarlo Esposito - Revolution, Amos & Andrew, Maximum Overdrive
Emilio Estevez - Maximum Overdrive
Patrick Ewing - The Exorcist III


Jeff Fahey - Under The Dome, Revolution
Peter Falk - Tune In Tomorrow
Dakota Fanning - Hounddog, The Secret Life Of Bees
Dennis Farina - Manhunter
John Favreau - Iron Man 3
Corey Feldman - Dream A Little Dream, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Donatello’s Voice)
Will Ferrell - East Bound & Down
Miguel Ferrer - The Night Flier
Colin Firth - Arthur Newman
Carrie Fisher - Stateside
Sean Patrick Flanery - The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Louis Fletcher - Firestarter
Bridget Fonda - The Road To Wellville
Colin Ford - Under The Dome, Revolution
Will Forte - A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
William Forsythe - Weeds
Jodie Foster - The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys
Al Freeman, Jr. - Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored
Morgan Freeman - Marie: A True Story


Johnny Galecki - Morgan’s Ferry
Peter Gallagher - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday, The Hudsucker Proxy, Tune In Tomorrow
James Gammon - Traveller
James Garner - Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Janeane Garofalo - Broken
Sarah Michelle Gellar - I Know What You Did Last Summer
Richard Gere - The Jackal, No Mercy, Nights In Rodantha
Gina Gershon, This World Then The Fireworks
Henry Gibson - Tune In Tomorrow
Annabeth Gish - Hiding Out
Crispin Glover - Chasers
Bobcat Goldthwait - Radioland Murders
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Pure Shooter
Louis Gosset, Jr. -
April Grace - Bolden, Waterproof
Seth Green - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Bruce Greenwood - Woman On Trial, Matlock
Kim Greist - Manhunter
David Alan Grier - From The Hip, Loose Cannons
Kathy Griffin - Muppets From Space
Andy Griffith - Matlock, Mayberry Reunion, What It Was Was Football (Narrator) (RESIDENT)
Melanie Griffith - Lolita
Charles Grodin - It Runs In The Family
Michael Gross - Alan & Naomi
Steve Guttenberg - The Bedroom Window
Luis Guzman - Journey 2: Mysterious Island


Lukas Haas - Alan & Naomi, Rambling Rose
Gene Hackman - Loose Cannons
Corey Haim - Dream A Little Dream, Silver Bullet
Rebecca Hall - Iron Man 3
Linda Hamilton - King Kong Lives
Lisa Gay Hamilton - Bloodmoon
John Hancock - Traxx, Collision Course (His Final Movie)
Daryl Hannah - A Walk To Remember
Tess Harper - Loggerheads, The Jackal, Revenge, One Tree Hill, Crimes of the Heart
Laura Harrington - Maximum Overdrive
Ed Harris - Dirt Nap
R. Keith Harris - Under The Dome, Revenge, The List, Surface, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Matlock
George Harrison - Track 29 (Producer)
Teri Hatcher - A Touch Of Fate
John Hawkes - East Bound And Down
Isaac Hayes - Once Upon A Time… When We Were Colored
Robert Hays - Cat’s Eye
Glenne Headly - Withces of East End, Bastard Out Of Carolina
Amber Heard - The Beautiful Ordinary
John Heard - Rambling Rose
Dan Hedeya - Tune In Tomorrow
Tipi Hedren - Strike The Tent
Ed Helms - We're The Millers
Marilu Henner - Chasers
Buck Henry - Tune In Tomorrow
Katherine Hepburn - One Christmas (Her Final Movie)
Jeff Hephner - The Water Is Wide
Barbara Hershey - Tune In Tomorrow. A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries
Anne Heche - Arthur Newman, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Jennifer Love Hewitt - I Know What You Did Last Summer
Dule Hill - The Ditchdigger's Daughters
Pat Hingle - Maximum Overdrive, One Christmas, The Angel Doll, Muppets From Space, Dirt Nap, (RESIDENT)
Dustin Hoffman - Billy Bathgate
Hulk Hogan - Muppets From Space
Katie Holmes - Dawson’s Creek (RESIDENT)
Anthony Hopkins - The Road To Wellville
Dennis Hopper - Blue Velvet, Super Mario Brothers, Chasers (RESIDENT)
Bob Hoskins - Super Mario Brothers
Julianne Hough - Safe Haven
Lance Howard - Provinces of Night
Vanessa Hudgens - Journey 2: Mysterious Island
Ernie Hudson - The Crow, Weeds, Collision Course
Jennifer Hudson - The Secret Life Of Bees
Oliver Hudson - New Best Friend
Bonnie Hunt - Loggerheads
Isabelle Huppert - The Bedroom Window
John Hurt - From The Hip
Josh Hutcherson - Jouney 2: Mysterious Island


Vanilla Ice - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret Of The Ooze
Jeremy Irons - Lolita
Amy Irving - The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics
Jennifer Irwin - East Bound And Down
Judith Ivey - Everybody Wins, What The Deaf Man Heard


Joshua Jackson - Dawson’s Creek, Muppets From Space (RESIDENT)
Samuel L. Jackson
 - Betsy’s Wedding, Amos & Andrew, The Exorcist III
Richard Jaeckel - The Fix
Brion James - Radioland Murders
Allison Janney - Tammy
Paul Johansson - One Tree Hill
Dwayne Johnson
 - Jouney 2: Mysterious Island
Freddie Jones - Firestarter
James Earl Jones - The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics, What The Deaf Man Heard
Orlando Jones - Waterproof
Ashley Judd - The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood


Madeline Kahn - Betsy’s Wedding
David Kaufman - Enchanted
Lainie Kazan - 29th Street, The Dress Code
Diane Keaton - Crimes Of The Heart
Michael Keaton - The Squeeze
Harvey Keitel - Shadrach
David Keith - Firestarter
David Patrick Kelly - The Crow
Michael Kelly - Loggerheads
Moira Kelly - A Smile As Big As The Moon, Billy Bathgate, Dirtnap, One Tree Hill, Remember The Daze, Two Tickets To Paradise
Patsy Kensit - The Pavilion
Alicia Keys - The Secret Life Of Bees
Nicole Kidman - Billy Bathgate
Val Kilmer - Stateside, Bloodworth
Alan King - Cat’s Eye
Larry King - The Jackal
Stephen King - Under The Dome (Writer), Firestarter (Writer), Cat's Eye (Writer), Silver Bullet (Writer), Maximum Overdrive (Director)
Ben Kingsley - Iron Man 3

Terry Kinney - Good Behavior
Mia Kirshner - New Best Friend
Terry Kiser - Weekend At Bernie's
Harvey Korman - Radioland Murders
Elias Koteas - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Sylvia Kristel - Dracula’s Widow
Kris Kristofferson - A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, Bloodworth, Inflammable
Swoosie Kurtz - One Christmas